Please vote no on the upcoming bond for Bonneville School District 93
Please vote no on the upcoming bond for Bonneville School District 93
Vote No District 93 Bond
Vote No District 93 Bond

On May 19, 2015 we are voting on the same bond as the last TWO elections.  Join us in showing District 93 officials that the will of the people must prevail and that there are better solutions than what they are pushing.  If this bond has been voted down twice, doesn't that say something?

This bond is the first of three tax hikes the district has coming your way!  It is the There are many cheaper, but very workable, alternatives to house and educate our students, some which D-93 didn’t even consider. 

  • The voters said NO in 2014 to $92 million in debt.
  • The voters said NO in March 2015 to the 2014 bond with an added $15 million, split into 3 parts, and call “scaled back”.  $107 million (plus interest) is clearly not the best solution. 

Do not believe District 93's claim that their “citizens group”, stacked with staff and spouses and led by a paid facilitator, voted “81%” in favor of a new high school.  This group met 4 nights, skimmed over 15 solutions in about an hour, and came to a predetermined conclusion that was actually published in the Post Register the day before the first meeting. The district administration then concluded that spending us into the grave was “best.” 

Say NO again and DEMAND:

  • Better Solutions Sooner
  • Stop Overcrowding for ALL Grades
  • No Split Sessions
  • Lower Overall Cost

Vote NO May 19th


March 11, 2015

The voters said they don’t want to wait 3 ½ years for solutions to the districts over crowding and have their taxes raised.   Of the approximately 22000 registered voters in District 93, only 4829 voted for this plan, or less than 23% of all registered voters.

It should be appalling to voters that District 93 is so brazen in assuming that since they barely lost they should just put their heads down, not realize that 77% of all registered voters did NOT vote for this tax increase, and forge ahead again.  If you haven’t heard, the district announced this morning that they want to try the same bond that just was defeated.  And they plan on doing it at the next election cycle, which will be May 19, 2015.  No changes.  No listening to the 77% of “non-yes” voters.  Head down, march ahead.  All while taking time and resources and attention away from what they were hired to do- teach our children.

What are voters saying?


  1. Give us a plan that solves issues before 3 ½ years.  Opening a high school in the fall of 2018 is not soon enough.  And doing nothing else at the middle school level is unacceptable.  Their plan almost ensures split sessions!
  2. Give us a comprehensive plan that solves crowding issues at all levels now.
  3. Don’t raise tax rates when you don’t need to.
  4. Shoot straight with us, we have caught you saying conflicting things multiple times!

We call on voters to come in out in May 19th and say no.  Three strikes and you’re out.  Give us a better solution, one that solves issues now, without raising taxes now and into the future.  There are 3 main plans that can do it (see for more info).


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